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casetta3The B & B "Al Mobile Antico" was born from the desire of the owners to create something useful in a part of their house, purchased by Maurizio in the eighties.

When Maurizio and Stefania were married in 1995 the first restructuring concerned the part of their house where they were living. Later work began on the B&B rooms, which were completed approximately in 2006.

Meanwhile were born Giulia (August 4 1997) and Irene (December 4 2006), daughters of Maurizio and Stefania.

Once the internal work was completed, there came the turn of the improvement of the courtyard, first of all the arcades and then all the gardens.

At this point everything was ready, but Stefania's hobby is the restoration of old antique furniture; so, helped by Maurizio, she restored all the furniture that is found in the B&B (with the exception of the kitchen and a cupboard).

Now everything is ready, and the owners only await their guests, to be treated as well as possible, and to which they wish to offer the best of their hospitality.

Stefania, who speaks reasonably well two foreign languages (English and French), loves to cook and therefore the breakfast may comprise a range of sweet and salty, hoping to meet all the demands of her guests.

Maurizio, who was born in Camerano Casasco, knows the area very well and will be happy to introduce you to the surroundings, both architectural (like the historical center of the village with its distinctive communal oven) and landscape (such as the beautiful walks leading to the natural areas in the immediate vicinity).


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